Sheriff’s deputies arrest Snake River man on felony warrants

A vehicle allegedly driven by Travis Catchings is photographed by law enforcement officers after he was arrested Thursday on two felony warrants.

A 48-year-old Liberty County man, Travis Catchings, was apprehended by Liberty County sheriff’s deputies near the intersection of N. Main and the SH 146 Bypass in Liberty around 2:30 p.m. Thursday.

As the arrest came at the same time as Liberty police were searching for a suspect who allegedly robbed a Brink’s truck outside of Wells Fargo on N. Main, there was some confusion for passersby about if the two police scenes were connected. However, there was no connection between the two.

Catchings, a resident of Snake River Subdivision, located between Moss Hill and Rye, was wanted on warrants related to two felony charges of Tampering With a Witness and Violating a Protective Order, according to LCSO Capt. Robert Dunn.

Travis Catchings

“We were set up to go and arrest him at a residence but then we got intel that he was headed to Liberty in an orange Toyota pickup,” Dunn said. “One of the drug interdiction officers intercepted him as he got into Liberty.”

Catchings was arrested without incident, Dunn said.

As of Thursday evening, bond had not been set for Catchings. At this time, he remains at the Liberty County Jail.

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