City of Dayton dedicates new markers on Veterans Wall of Honor

Clint Majors, a local military veteran, takes a cell phone photo of the plaque that bears his name on the Dayton Veterans Wall of Honor.

The Dayton Veterans Wall of Honor now bears 83 new names of veterans who were added during the most recent expansion of the memorial outside Dayton Community Center on the 800 block of S. Cleveland St.

At a dedication ceremony on Tuesday, Dec. 7, Mayor Caroline Wadzeck explained that the new plaques were made possible by a grant from Entergy Texas, which funded a major renovation to the memorial following Hurricane Harvey.

“The plaques we are dedicating tonight were made possible because of a collaboration between the City of Dayton and Entergy. Thanks goes to City Council members Don McDaniel, Sherial Lawson, John Headrick, Andy Conner, Alvin Burress, Troy Barton and myself,” Wadzeck said. Barton is a former council member who was elected at the time the expansion was approved.

Dayton Mayor Caroline Wadzeck had the honor of leading the dedication of 83 new names on the Dayton Veterans Wall of Honor on Tuesday, Dec. 7.

“Entergy has helped us with this Veterans Wall on more than one occasion and we appreciate their contribution to our community,” she said.

She also credited former Mayor Steve Stephens, who was the driving force behind the creation of the memorial wall.

“I want to thank all of those who worked to establish this wall from its beginning. That would be former Mayor Steve Stephens and City Council members Barbara Zaruba, Felix Skarpa, Frosty Pruitt, Jay Knight and Ricky Brown,” Wadzeck continued. Knight is now county judge and Brown is tax assessor-collector for Liberty County.

“What an honor it is for us to dedicate the 83 newest names on our Veterans Wall of Honor, a place we can all be very proud of. The names on this wall represent every branch of service and include those who served our country in war times and in times of peace,” she said. “Our liberties and values stand safe today because of the brave men and women who have been ready to face the fire. We thank God for each and every one of them.”


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