Skeletal remains found in Dayton

Human skeletal remains were found Thursday, Dec. 9, near FM 1409 and Entzminger Street in Dayton, authorities say.

Dayton police are working with the Texas Rangers to investigate the scene where the remains were found.

Police are unable to make a positive identification at this time. They will be sent to the forensics examiner in Beaumont and then will likely be sent to a DPS crime lab for further investigation.

No other information is available. Updates will be posted as new information warrants.


  1. About time Liberty county did something to someone in that area. There is always gunfire when we street feed the dogs there. They swerve at us in their cars and run over the dogs in front of us. Just a few weeks ago there was 2 dogs beaten to death violently and one barely alive. Then someone claiming he did it said he has killed a lot of dogs and women. He said he has their bodies buried in the colonies. It’s scary out there. We go out there to rescue dogs and some cats.

  2. FYI Kim, this is in the actual city of Dayton. This is about a block from the community center. Maybe it’s easier for people to understand the location if they put FM 1409 instead of S Winfree.

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