Constable’s office seizes THC-laced edibles from Daisetta shop

These are some of the THC-laced products that were seized during a raid on a Daisetta business on Tuesday, authorities say.

A raid Tuesday of a store in Daisetta is expected to result in felony charges of Manufacture or Delivery of a Controlled Substance, according to a statement from the Pct. 2 Constable’s Office.

Authorities first became suspicious of the activities at the Smoke and Snacks store, located across from Hull-Daisetta High School, after noticing an increase in juvenile vaping and students being caught with vaping devices at school.

“Information gathered by School Resource Officer Skip Young led deputies to the Smoke and Snacks. Pct. 2 Deputy Constable John Tucker started an investigation into where these devices were being purchased. Deputies visited Smoke and Snacks, owned by Usama Anwar of Beaumont,” the statement reads.

After reportedly visiting with clerks, deputy constables noticed on display items for sale that were marked with labeling out of California. These items are known to be manufactured with THC, the chemical known to cause the high in marijuana.

“Deputies recovered 49 bags of chips, infused candy gummies, cereal bars and marijuana pre-rolls infused with THC concentrates at levels 1,333 percent above the legal limit in Texas,” the statement continues.

With the assistance of the Liberty County District Attorney’s Office and the Liberty County Sheriff’s Interdiction Team, a search warrant was executed on Tuesday, during which four more canisters of suspected marijuana and two vials of THC oil allegedly were found. All items that were seized were not of the Delta 8 variant of THC products, which can pose serious risks.

“The Pct. 2 Constable’s Office wants parents to be aware of certain labelling that could very easily be mistaken for common snacks that are consumed by children,” the statement reads.

According to Tucker, the owner of the store is cooperating with authorities. Unrelated to this case, a white male was arrested on the scene for Possession of a Controlled Substance in a Drug-Free Zone.

After the raid, the Constable’s Office received some pushback from people in the community who suggested that authorities were unfairly targeting the local business.

“It’s heartbreaking that people take to social media and chastise law enforcement before knowing what’s going on, especially when we are protecting their children from ingesting these potentially harmful products,” said Tucker.

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  1. The founding Father’s of the Bill Of Rights knew this type of tyranny was coming, its got to be faced head on. Tyrants know nothing nor respect others until the we the people stand together. He who is willing to sacrifice his liberty for little security, deserves NEITHER!

    • Obviously you have no idea what tf you’re talking about. These are laws of the state government who not only goes by the US Constitution but the States Constitution. If you or anyone have a problem with the laws enacted then vote another representative into office. As far as Tyranny and Tyrants go I can guarantee you the Officer (s) and other officials involved took Everyone’s “rights” into consideration and acted fair and within the law.
      If you’re offended by any actions taken don’t stop here or any other social media, go to Austin or at least your local government and voice a formal complaint, in writing. Trust me, they’ll Welcome your opinion and contact. But I bet you’ll just respond to my reply with some sort of snide comment or quote you didn’t pen.
      Thanks Deputy Tucker for your consistent presence and tenacity. Great job.

  2. Thank you John Tucker and the law inforcement for getting the stuff out of the stores and away from the kids …… its is sad that this town wants this stuff around so there kids can get ahold of it !!!!

  3. It’s all a bunch of fukkery. This Delta 8 is legal today and illegal tomorrow. I bet those candies tested at a legal limit but we will never know the truth behind all this wasted time to incarcerate someone for something that’s legal less than 700 miles away. Laws of this stolen land can suck D’s nutz and swallow slow. How do u expect people to follow order from the people who broke the code and then recreated a code of honor. I don’t even understand why we pay taxes to live on this stolen land. No body owns this land nobody owns us so why do we submit to the system they created and expect us to fall in line with. I deserve all the fruits from my labor. Cuz uncle Sam got more than enough hookers paying his pimpin

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