JPMorgan Chase awards $175K grant to Lee College Single Parent Success program

Current Lee College students who are single parents will now have access to valuable tools and resources to help them succeed in their education thanks to a $175,000 grant from JPMorgan Chase Bank benefitting the Lee College Single Parent Success Program.

“Lee College is deeply committed to helping each of our students overcome challenges that could stand between them and their goal of achieving higher education,” said Dr. Lynda Villanueva, Lee College president. “Being a single parent while going to college can be extremely challenging. With the help of this generous gift from JPMorgan Chase, the Lee College Single Parent Success
Program will be able to give single-parent students the boost they need to reach their goals and provide a better future for themselves and their families for generations to come.”

This major grant will serve 40 single-parent students for up to four semesters, providing scholarships and direct impact services such as monthly counseling support groups, financial wellness support, financial aid, career prep, dress for success options, healthy eating for families, and CPR/first aid training.

“We take great pride in our history of supporting organizations and programs that strengthen the communities we serve,” said Laura Mutis, grant program officer for JPMorgan Chase Bank. “We commend the important work of Lee College, are pleased to support its efforts with this grant, and look forward to learning about its community impact.”

In April 2021, a survey conducted by the College Success for Single-Mothers Taskforce showed over half the students who responded took one or more breaks from attending college. According to the survey, childcare problems, stress and overwhelm, as well as financial problems topped the list of reasons why single-parents chose to discontinue their education.

“We want single parents in particular to know they are not alone in their educational journey,” said Kelli Forde Spiers, Lee College executive director of Basic Needs. “Thanks to the JPMorgan Chase grant and other programs currently in place for single parents, Lee College can provide game-changing resources that will make all the difference for these students.”

Single-parent students who wish to apply for the Lee College Single Parent Success Initiative should contact Brenda Garcia, Student Resource coordinator, at 281.425.6492, or Other students who need assistance with things like food, housing or childcare should contact the Student Resource and Advocacy Center at 281-425-6492, or

Lee College offers more than 100 associate degree and certificate programs, as well as non-credit workforce and community education courses that prepare its diverse student body for advanced higher education, successful entry into the workforce and a variety of in-demand careers. With the main campus and McNair Center located in Baytown, Texas, and a satellite education center in nearby South Liberty County, the college serves a geographic area of more than 220,000 residents that includes 14 independent school districts.

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  1. Generosity is tremendous! However, this seems like a publicity, liberal mindset giveaway that rewards dubious or immoral behavior to the detriment of the union of marriage. If the “single parent” was a widow or widower I would totally support it. By rewarding bad decisions or negligent behavior, you get more of it. Most of us are getting tired of the argument that “you can’t hold it against the children” to excuse or justify bad decisions. Why don’t the hard working people who are married, law abiding and doing good ever get recognized much less rewarded?

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