Authorities still working to identify victims in double-murder in Dayton area

A vehicle set on fire under the FM 1409 bridge south of Dayton on Jan. 26 was burned to the frame. The two bodies inside were taken to the morgue for autopsy. (Photo submitted by Sean Stewart)

In the two days since a burned-out vehicle containing two bodies was found under the FM 1409 bridge in Dayton, authorities have been interviewing people and taking DNA samples from family members of the presumed victims, according to Liberty County Sheriff’s Capt. Billy Knox.

“Our investigators interviewed a bunch of people yesterday. We have an idea about at least one of the victims,” said Knox. “We have autopsies set for today and are hoping to confirm at least one of the victims after the autopsy.”

As for the motive for the double murder, investigators are still developing leads, he said.

On Wednesday, Jan. 26, a motorist traveling along FM 1409 reported seeing a fire under the bridge known in the area as Dead Man’s Curve. It was named such for the previous bridge that stood at that location.

When firefighters responded to the fire call, the charred bodies of two people were found inside a passenger vehicle. One body was in the trunk and the other was in the back seat. The bodies were so badly burned that autopsies and possibly DNA testing would be needed to make a positive confirmation as to their race, sex and identity.

The State Fire Marshal’s Office and Texas Rangers are assisting the sheriff’s office with the investigation.

Once authorities are able to make a confirmation as to the identities of the victims, Bluebonnet News will update this article.

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