Dayton ISD says trustees are ‘not all work’ in recognition of School Board Appreciation Month

January is School Board appreciation month around the state and in Dayton ISD that can lead to a little fun at the monthly school board meeting.  At the Jan. 24 board meeting, after the business of the school district was concluded, Dr. Johnson planned for a little fun with the Trustees and the people in attendance. 

Dr. Johnson planned a game show called “Name that Trustee,” in which seven members of the audience were chosen randomly to be the contestants of the game show. Dr. Johnson read interesting facts about each member while the contestants had to guess and match the Trustee with the fact. WWJH Principal Brad Hadnot was the big winner of the night with the most correct answers. Nottingham Principal Stacie Lott took second place after losing the tie-breaker to Mr. Hadnot.  Below are some of the interesting facts that the audience learned about the different school board members:

1. Who was voted Most Congenial in high school?

Well, of course, that was Mrs. Linda Harris. Because of her congenial nature and personality, everyone has wanted her on their teams throughout the years.  She has served on numerous committees, clubs, and organizations. Interestingly, Mrs. Harris has been in 4 tennis leagues and won numerous meets. She has also been on an award-winning bowling team! She has been devoted to DISD in many different capacities including an elementary, middle, and high school teacher, ELAR Curriculum Coordinator and we are very glad that she is one of our current Trustees.  

2. Which trustee has a passion for football and was one of three who started the Dayton Youth Football Program?

Mr. Thomas Payne has long been a Bronco football supporter. He played in high school and was recently inducted into the Dayton ISD Sports Hall of Fame with his Football Team of 1969. He was one of three that started the Dayton Youth Football Program and in fact, Coach Quinn Wood was just a lad and played for Mr. Payne when the league got started. He has served faithfully on the Board of Trustees for 38 years. 

3. Which trustee performed in Las Vegas to an audience to over 10,000?

CD Williams was the trustee who sang in the State Farm Talent Show in Las Vegas, but his entertaining to audiences hasn’t stopped there. He has played Elvis in a DISD choir concert and came skating across the stage as Tom Cruise at the 2014 DISD Convocation. Although he is known for his playful side, he also has a servant’s heart. He is the founder of the Ryan “Batman” Williams Foundation named for his late son. With the help of his wife, Theresa, they have raised more than $300,000 for neuroblastoma research. He was also last year’s winner of the prestigious Citizen of the Year for Dayton. 

4. Who was in their family’s business commercials for many years?

Dr. Luke Chachere is that trustee. The oldest of his siblings, he learned early in his life the importance of advertising and supporting the family business. In fact, three months after receiving his DVM degree from Texas A&M, he opened his own business, The Chachere Veterinary Clinic. He has continued the family tradition as his son Dr. Lucas Chachere joined his father in 2014 at the clinic. Many days, the patients/customers at the clinic will see Dr. Chachere’s third-generation (grandson) at the office. Interestingly, Dr. Luke Chachere is a second-generation Dayton School Board Member as his dad, L.J. Chachere, was once a DISD Ag teacher who helped build our Rodeo arena and later served on the DISD Board of Trustees for many years. 

5. Which trustee was Named Most Handsome/Beautiful of their Class?

Board President Mr. Josh Day was very active in numerous activities in high school and continues that trend today. Not only does he serve as our Board President, but is very active in the community, in his church and serves on the County Appraisal District  Board.  His passion for education comes from his background and upbringing. Both his parents were longtime Dayton ISD educators with his Dad (Mike Day) being on the Dayton ISD Wall of Fame. Mr. Day is also a two-generation Trustee. When he was elected on the Dayton ISD School Board, his mother was a Trustee in another school district where they served simultaneously. 

6. Which trustee has visited 7 out of the 12 Apostles’ tombs?

Mrs. Kerri Bartee has traveled and visited an impressive seven of the Apostles’ tombs- Peter, Paul, Jude, Simon, Bartholomew, James and Phillip. She is a true Catholic through and through as she is the Education Director for St. Joseph the Worker Catholic Church.  Mrs. Bartee works with the children and youth of all ages in her job. She is also a Bronco through and through as she is a graduate from Dayton ISD and has raised both of her sons in DISD and they were very active in DISD various activities. 

7. What Trustee met their Spouse in a Sunday School Classroom?

That would be Mr. Shumaker, of course. He met his wife, Sharon, at the University Baptist Church in Clear Lake and were married at Calvary Baptist Church in Dayton.  He had quite the college journey as he attended Michigan Tech, Purdue, and San Jacinto,  before graduating from A&M (Galveston campus). He was born in Ohio, graduated from high school in Michigan and he has lived in five different states throughout his life including Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Connecticut and of course the great state of Texas. After getting married, they lived in Connecticut for four years before moving back to Texas. His wife Sharon is a Dayton ISD graduate and works for the district as a PreK teacher at Colbert Elementary.

These are a few of the examples in which contestants were asked to guess the trustee’s identity. It’s great to know that we have some outstanding people that are leading our school district in the roles of Board Members. Each of the seven campuses adopted one Board Member. At the close of the ‘Name that Trustee’ game show,  they were presented with a Dayton ISD basket filled with unique and specific goodies from their adopted campus.  Dr. Jessica Johnson and the entire Dayton ISD staff appreciates their sacrifice, time, support, and the effort that they put into making our district the best that it can be. 

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