Cleveland ISD superintendent addresses safety concerns

Stephen McCanless

Dear Parent/Guardian:

I want to take this opportunity to address a safety situation we had on the High School campus this morning. 

The campus was placed in lockdown immediately following an anonymous tip from a student that there was a weapon on campus.  Campus and District officials immediately put the CISD response plan in place. 

A “look-alike” weapon was found within 20 minutes.  The students involved were located, arrested, and are being processed under the law and Student Code of Conduct.

I want every parent to know that I will not tolerate nor allow drugs or weapons on campus.  As parents, you send your children to school to learn and be safe. 

As Cleveland Independent School District employees, our job is to ensure we provide a high quality education in a safe environment.  Therefore, I want parents to know that in compliance with our “CISD Safe Schools Action Plan,” we will provide the best possible educational environment. 

All campuses will have regular drug dog visits, as well as metal detector checks of students.  These screenings and checks will be done in compliance with local and state laws under the CISD Code of Conduct. 

Cleveland ISD takes student and staff safety very seriously and I will ensure that everyone has a right to a quality education and safe environment each and every day.

Thank you again for allowing me to serve your children in this capacity.  I am open to your questions and concerns anytime. 


Stephen W. McCanless

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