Plum Grove fires police chief, authorizes mayor to appoint interim

John Joslin and former Plum Grove Mayor Lee Ann Penton-Walker are pictured in October 2020 after Joslin was selected as police chief. He was terminated from that position on Monday, March 14. (File photo)

The City of Plum Grove has fired its police chief, John Joslin, after just a year on the job. The decision to terminate Joslin was made Monday night, March 14, during a regular city council meeting.

While the agenda for the meeting was short, the meeting lasted nearly two hours as Council spent more than 90 minutes in executive session before returning to the regular meeting and voting unanimously in favor of Joslin’s termination. Council also authorized Mayor Barbara Norris to appoint an interim chief until a new chief can be hired.

In October 2020, Plum Grove City Council, under then-Mayor Lee Ann Penton-Walker, hired Joslin to be police chief. At the time, the City was in the process of reactivating its police department and Joslin was coming to the end of his term as Liberty County Pct. 6 Constable after losing in the 2020 election.

What led to his termination is uncertain at this time; however, Joslin told Bluebonnet News that there has been some strife between himself and members of council.

His termination comes after the City of Plum Grove was notified in two weeks ago by the Liberty County District Attorney’s Office that prosecutors would not sponsor John Joslin as a witness, absent extraordinary circumstances.

Since his appointment as police chief, Joslin has been embroiled in a criminal case involving a complaint of sexual harassment by a previous employee of the constable’s office. That case has since been settled out of court for a sizeable sum, according to sources close to the case. Liberty County District Attorney Jennifer Bergman recused her office from the prosecution of that case.

Joslin said he is now working to clear his record so he can continue working in law enforcement.

Currently, Joslin is still employed by Liberty County. He works in an administrative position for Liberty County Pct. 3 Commissioner David Whitmire.


  1. It was just a matter of time before it happened. Joslin should never be able to to do law enforcement anymore – anywhere. Might need to start looking into Pct 3 Commissioner Whitmires office too and see what Joslin and his crew are doing there as well.

    • I hear Masons are a cult and secretly rule the world….. they control the moon and sun… they have even got a secret hand shake i hear…

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