EMCID presents check to Fair Association to cover student exhibitors’ costs

Pictured (l-r) are Directors Katherine Persson, Martin Zepeda, Leonard Rogers, President/CEO Frank McCrady, Director Ron Willingham, and EMCFA president Luther Sherrouse.

As East Montgomery County students exhibit their steer, goats, broilers and more at the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo, the East Montgomery County Improvement District recently presented a check to the East Montgomery County Fair Association in the amount of $54,655 to help students.

For the past four years, EMCID has added 10 percent — an increase from 5 percent from previous years — to all auction sales at the East Montgomery County Fair’s auction, held each September. The add-on covers the sales commission fee to the fair association. In all, add-ons assisted 134 students at auction.

“The EMCID Board of Directors felt like these hardworking students should be able to keep all money raised at auction,” said Frank McCrady, President and CEO.

The Fair Association agrees.

“We are very thankful for EMCID’s support,” Luther Sherrouse, EMCFA President said. “This helps our students tremendously.”

The Directors first approved adding on 5 percent to every animal, cake, horticulture item, craft item, and piece of artwork sold at auction about 20 years ago. In 2017, the Directors voted to increase the add-on to 10 percent after the devastation from Hurricane Harvey and hardships families were facing.


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