Cleveland church burglarized; pastor says church is victim of hate crime

Graffiti was painted on the windows of an outbuilding used by King of Saints Church in Cleveland.

A Cleveland church was hit by burglars and vandals with the assailants allegedly painting one of the church’s outbuildings with graffiti bearing anti-Semitic and racist symbols and statements. The burglary and vandalism incident was discovered by Dr. Stephen A. Missick, pastor of King of Saints Church in Cleveland, 2228 FM 1725, around 5 p.m., Thursday, March 17.

According to Missick, he discovered that his congregation’s facilities had been broken into, burglarized, and a building was covered with graffiti bearing anti-Semitic and racist symbols and statements.

“I am really shocked by the graffiti. It seems to be targeted at our congregation,” said Missick in an emailed statement.

The fellowship celebrates the Jewish, or Biblical, holidays, and focuses on the Jewish identity of Jesus. The congregation is also multi-racial.

“We have two ministers in our fellowship who often preach behind the pulpit. Brother Zacharias Powell and Sister Regina Brown. Someone sprayed the N-word in large letters on the wall. It seems that this person doesn’t like the fact that I share my pulpit with my brothers and sisters in Christ who happen to be black,” said Missick.

“I have also been recently promoting our upcoming ‘Christ in the Passover’ celebration. I guess these vandals are offended at our celebrating Jesus as the Jewish Messiah, as well as the redeemer of the world,” he stated.

Missick says he was shocked to find swastikas, the “SS” Nazi symbol, 666 and other racist statements spray painted all over the walls of one of the buildings on church grounds.

The thieves reportedly stole a computer, video and sound equipment, and props and costumes from the Christian film “Saint Jude Thaddeus and the Legend of the Shroud” that Missick produced with his brother Josiah Benjamin Missick.

“They also stole my military equipment,” said Missick.

Missick is a combat veteran and a disabled veteran with 28 years of military experience and is currently serving as a chaplain in the Texas National Guard.

“I have dedicated my ministry to the vision of God’s Kingdom expressed by the Apostle John in Revelation 7:9. John states that the Kingdom of God is composed of people from every race, nation, tribe, people and language. I am hurt, saddened and heartbroken, and a little angered, to see such hatred still exists in our communities. It’s bad enough to be robbed of thousands of dollars of property that I have to replace but then on top of that to see all the hateful offensive slogans and symbols on one of our church building’s walls that I am going to have to clean off.”

Missick assumed the position of Senior Pastor of King of Saints in August of last year after his father, who founded the congregation, passed away from COVID.


  1. Sad to see this, was just watching a show on Sunday about Billy Graham working together with MLK and receiving hatefulness for it, but that was 60?years ago!! We’re making progress and now the BLM communists are creating hatred where it doesn’t exist too

    • You’re the only Racist Communist. You didn’t mention nothing about the KKK Republican graffiti sprayed on the church. There’s a special place for people like yourself who portray to be a christian but spread the Devil’s message.

  2. Anthony. Have you watched ABC 13 news at 10 lately? Sure isn’t the KKK , Proud Boys, or White Supremist shooting everyone. Go on, tell me I’m right.

    • I’ll tell you that you’re another Republikkklan that the Devil needs to call. The biggest threat to the world is the Republikkklan White man. I love to hear when the Devil call them home. .

  3. I personally have none brother Stephen for many years, His father brother Philip an sister Maryann for almost 30 years. Its my opinion that these people serve the lord god one in all who does not show race or predigests to anyone. How is right to do these things to a holy house of god no matter it be Babtist, Pentecostal ,Catholic or any other religion as far as that goes this is so wrong. Pastor Stephen i am Praying for you an your church keep your head up this to shall pass our father is so much greater then these people who has caused all that damage. As we know all things happens for a reason god may have something better in the works for you…. your sister in god always

  4. Little.. all the ones you named the good ole boys only Burn churches , shoot up people in church and try to overthrow the government .Pure idiots.thats who you worship cowards.

  5. Wayne. You are a racist. Please state with facts the last time a Church was shot up by the KKK or the rest of the named groups. Wayne, you are just a hater that hides behind color. Facts don’t matter to you. You will stand there and tell me whites are killing more blacks than blacks kill there on.

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