Law enforcement averts alleged threat between students at Hardin schools

Law enforcement officers were called to Hardin Junior High School Monday morning after a situation erupted involving two students and an alleged plan to confront a third student as he exited the school bus, according to Pct. 3 Deputy Constable Hugh Bishop, who also is the school resource officer for Hardin ISD.

“One of the students was in the breezeway at the junior high awaiting a bus carrying the third student. He was told to come inside the school but told the assistant principal he didn’t have to listen to him,” Bishop said. “The student was taken into the junior high when another situation erupted involving a freshman student at the high school.”

Bishop was walking into the junior high with the first student when he looked back and saw another situation erupting at the high school.

“Students had surrounded the high school assistant principal. One of the students started getting aggressive with school officials and me,” Bishop said.

The high school student reportedly ran the short distance between the high school and the junior high, and continued mouthing off to school officials and Bishop.

“He was threatened with arrest and took off running back toward the crowd of kids that had gathered near the high school. As I was escorting the first student into the junior high, I turned back and saw he was still creating a ruckus,” said Bishop, adding that he called for backup and Liberty County sheriff’s deputies and other deputy constables responded.

The two students are both suspended from school for three days pending the outcome of an investigation, said Hardin ISD Superintendent Scott Mackey.

As to what led to the incident, it appears to have been a situation that began on Friday and carried over on Monday.

The crowd of students that assembled outside the high school dispersed when the morning bell rang, and students went on to class without further incident.

“We take any kind of threat toward another student very seriously. Our law enforcement does, too. That’s why they do so much for our schools. In situations that could potentially turn ugly, they show up in force,” Mackey said.


    • Certainly wasn’t black kids or they would’ve been gunned down before any questions were asked by those mean ol white cops. /s

  1. So school officials start getting bullied and its a concern but when a parent repeatedly goes up to the school to report their child being bullied its just overt looked and continues. I mean untill the parent takes their child out if that school or untill the bullied child has had enough and commits suicide.
    I know at least 3 kids that killed themselves because they were being bullied and nobody would put a stop to it or even listen to them when they tried telling someone about it.
    Nobody treats bullying as a crime and idk why because it is very serious and is getting worst by the day.

    • The sad thing is help comes to late for bullied kids most of the time. .These teachers, principals,an Administrator people get a free pass to often these days for failing to protect students but they are quick to call the police on students for acting up or disrespecting them.

  2. See why does the black and white comments have to be made it’s people like u,is why that crap stays alive.if people would quit with that these kids might get alone

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