Liberty County Jail arrest report, April 10, 2022

The following people were booked in at the Liberty County Jail on April 10, 2022:

  • Gonzalez, Perla Edith – Speeding 10 percent or more above posted speed and Public Intoxication
  • Jackson, Charles Henry – Displaying Expired License Plates, Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility and Speeding
  • Vickery, Jeryl Wayne – Displaying Fictitious License Plate
Gonzalez, Perla Edith


  1. Why are there soo many Hispanics getting arrested lately for DWI, MARIJUANA, ASSULTS, AND OTHER CRIMES? Do they think that they are living in “lawless Mexico”, in Liberty? Maybe they should look up, read, and abide by our city ordinances and laws like the rest of the citizens that have done in this town, their hometown for generations.

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