Letter to community: Election administrator responds to judge voiding Pct. 4 commissioner election

Klint Bush is the elections administrator for Liberty County.

In what was the closest race in living memory, yesterday, a visiting judge sitting in the 253rd Judicial District Court of Liberty County, ordered a new election.  Yesterday (April 11) was another step in the elections process, an election contest.  The election process sometimes requires court review in such narrow races and in this instance, the process worked as designed.

The ideal in every election is to have perfect election processes and a perfect voter roll.  To do this, both the elections administration workers and the public have to participate effectively.  But as, we all know, the elections administration office and members of the public are all human, subject to error.  In this instance, it appears that a few, isolated votes cast by individuals living within short distances of the newly drawn boundaries of Pct. 4 were counted when they should not have been. 

We recognize that there was a very short window between the release of the newly redistricted Pct. 4 map and the March 2022 primary election.  We work on the voter roll every single day, adding voters, changing voters’ addresses because of moves or life changes, and removing voters that pass from this life, or move from this county.  We strive for a perfect voter roll. 

The law understands that no voter roll will be perfect because humans are not perfect.  If it were perfect, we would not have provisional ballots, or an omit list built into the Texas Election Code.  Regardless, we work every day to make sure the voter lists are continuing to head toward perfection.

We work hard to have an accurate, fair election.  We will continue in that passion. 

Voters have a responsibility to look at their individualized voter card and make sure it is accurate before the election.  That includes calling to change your address if you move.  The voter roll will not be updated until you call.  We legally can’t change anything without the voter’s signature. 

This office prides itself on being one of the most open and transparent government offices in Liberty County.  We are in these positions because we believe that voting is the most important act in a democracy.  We encourage citizens to get involved in your elections. 

It takes people willing to serve their community and make their democracy function.  Anyone who comes to this office can ask any question they wish and be shown the equipment they purchased to run their elections.  Democracy will only stay alive if local citizens take part.

Klint Bush

Elections administrator for Liberty County


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