Letter to the editor: McNair weighs in on Pct. 4 commissioner election

Dear community,

A key function of county government is to run elections.  In the case of the March 1 Primary, Liberty County election officials dropped the ball. But we are a county and a state that upholds the rule of law and after reviewing undisputable evidence, the courts found what we knew to be true. 

Errors with the elections department database prevented voters that live within the boundaries designated for the Precinct 4 Commissioner to vote in the proper race. And voters who do not live within the boundaries designated for the Precinct 4 Commissioner were improperly provided ballots to vote in this race.

As a lifelong conservative Republican who believes deeply in the importance of ensuring integrity in our elections, I am pleased with the judge’s ruling. But I am also saddened and concerned that we had this type of election and voter issues within our county. 

Elections should be easy to vote in, hard to cheat at and every voter should have the opportunity to vote for their preferred candidate. 

I look forward to the forthcoming re-election to select the Republican nominee for Liberty County Commissioner Precinct 4. 

With all eyes watching the election department, I am confident the errors with the voter database will be addressed.  And remember, the integrity of our elections is important not just in local elections, but those on a state and national level. 

Craig McNair
Candidate for Pct. 4 commissioner, Liberty County


  1. So many words to say…nothing. I will still vote McNair over Wilson because roads and drainage are subpar in Precinct 4 and Leon hasn’t utilized his time in office to address infrastructure problems. I wish we had better candidates.

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