Man killed following chase in Cleveland now identified

View of US 59 at the time of the shooting (Photo submitted by E.J. Laird)

The suspect who was killed in an officer-involved shooting in Cleveland on Monday after allegedly leading police on a chase on US 59 has been identified as Kelvin Armstrong, 32, of South Carolina.

His identity was confirmed by Cleveland Police Capt. Scott Felts following an autopsy of Armstrong’s body in Beaumont on Thursday.

Armstrong’s identity was unknown for days as he was not carrying any form of identification and the vehicle he was driving was stolen.

Armstrong was killed on Monday after he reportedly stole a vehicle at gunpoint from Martin Chevrolet in Cleveland and then led police on a chase both north and south on US 59. He was eventually stopped about a mile south of the SH 105 and US 59 intersection by spike strips that were placed in the roadway.

The spike strips blew out two of the vehicle’s tires, bringing the vehicle to a halt. At that point, Armstrong reportedly jumped from the vehicle and tried running across the northbound lane of travel of US 59.

“He was brandishing a gun and pointed it at two officers who were on the scene and they fired their weapons at him,” Broussard said in earlier reports.

Texas Rangers have taken over the investigation. No other information is known about Armstrong.


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