Terrell seeking seat on Cleveland City Council

Fred Terrell

Fred Terrell has announced his candidacy for Cleveland City Council position #5 in the May 7 election.

Terrell and his family have been residents of Cleveland since 1988 and are members of the First United Methodist Church.

He served Cleveland ISD as a board member for three terms, Cleveland City Council for one year and 11 years on the Cleveland EDC, serving as president of the EDC for the last two years.

Terrell served in the Marines Corps after graduating from high school, studied architecture at the University of Texas at Arlington, received his bachelors degree in construction management from East Texas State University at Commerce and has worked in that field for over forty years.

In his campaign announcement, Terrell said he wants to bring integrity back to the city council. His philosophy is to spend the taxpayers’ money as frugally as possible by asking as many questions as necessary to ensure that the citizens understand the necessity, as well as the cost and how will it affect them.

“Fred [Terrell] is not opposed to such expenditures as the annual fireworks, jogging trails, Christmas decorations, murals and etc. but is concerned about how much the city spends in comparison to the needs of street repairs, culverts, drainage, lawn maintenance and that is why he hopes to have more city wide workshops with staff members to discuss their needs to operate their department as needed,” the announcement continues.

Terrell believes that council should discuss the reorganization of the various committees that now exists and invite more citizens to participate, bringing a different group of leadership and youth with a different point of view and professional background.

His wish is for the City of Cleveland to return to the task at hand to meet the growth of both the city and schools as well as prepare for the expansion that is imminent.

Note: All candidates for local public office were provided an opportunity to submit an announcement to be published for free on Bluebonnet News.


    • Cleo, the council has lost their integrity by not bringing all five Council persons into all issues and follow the charter verbatim and not pick and choose just parts of it ! I hope to restore integrity by asking my fellow council members about their opinions and ideas .

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