Dayton Youth Sports Association removes treasurer over suspicions of fund misappropriation

Dayton Youth Sports Association has relieved its financial treasurer for failure to maintain financial records, according to a statement DYSA released Tuesday afternoon, May 3.

“A recent and cursory review led to the discovery of unexplained discrepancies in several areas of concern. The remaining board members are beginning the process of thoroughly investigating all aspects of its financial accounts, policies, and procedures including all financial transactions over the last several years,” the statement continues.

According to DYSA President Haden Gutierrez, he has been in communication with Dayton Police Department and plans to keep them informed of the current situation as the board moves forward in its query of the financial records.

“The board met Tuesday evening and appointed a three-person council, along with an outside person from the public, to look at the financial records and report any findings to the rest of the board,” Gutierrez said.

If any wrongdoing is found, the facts will be presented to the board, which will determine where to go from there. In the interest of transparency, the board plans to keep the Dayton community apprised through its Facebook page and news outlets.

According to Gutierrez, the treasurer has been with DYSA for several years. She has not been charged with any crime and therefore will not be named.

“We understand that you trust us with your children, their sports experience, your time and money. It is not something we take lightly. Please note this is not a reflection of who we are and what we stand for,” he stated in the DYSA post on Facebook. “We are committed to being transparent and for kids and families in our community.”

In order to prevent any further losses, DYSA has removed the treasurer from all bank accounts.


  1. I usually don’t comment BUT this organization has a chance to really benefit the youth of the community and my child is a participant, so here is my perspective.

    1. Publish a financial summary detailing number of participants, funds received and itemized expenses after the conclusion of each sport season. Actually being transparent will put donors/sponsors/parents at ease and foster continued community involvement. I’ve hesitated to sponsor teams the past few years because there was no assurance funds were being handled appropriately.

    2. It should be a prerequisite that board members must be parents or guardians of league participants. This prevents those with no vested interest in the kids from pursuing selfish gains at the expense of the community and ensures those in leadership roles will be personally affected by their decisions.

    3. Every coach should be a parent or guardian (or of direct relation) to a child on his/her respective team. It raises questions when a grown man/woman surrounds themselves with children and assumes the role of mentor with no family or relational ties. This change will create an additional level of care for all of the kids, strengthen families and lessen the opportunity for questions of motive, intent and propriety.

    I’m sure there are thousands of ways for this organization to improve but these three simple things would go a long way towards improving the DYSA image.

  2. I keep personal financial records through Quicken and I know where every dollar is going…except for my wife’s cash withdrawals from ATM. I can’t imagine being a “treasurer” of an organization or business and not at least using something like Quicken or Intuit QuickBooks to keep up with the donations, deposits and payouts. I hope this turns out to laziness and not criminal. It is really hard to fundraise with that history.

  3. I agree with whomever listed the 3 points for the most part As being part of Dixie league for a number of years. I think I have some insights. 1st any check needs 2 signatures. There should be a treasure report at every board meeting. Coaches and directors should have a background check, I have known many coaches and directors that have contributed many years after their children had moved on, because they believed that they should help give the children an opportunity to learn not only the game, But also working as a team, following the rules, and having a good attitude. Sorry for being so long winded. But most do not realize how much time and effort these voluntiers put in.

  4. Checked the dysa website, seems like y’all got lots of board members…how did this get missed over “several years”? Misplaced trust or nobody gave enough of a damn to do simple math? Wow. Just wow, this wouldn’t fly in Barbers Hill.

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