Statewide manhunt for convicted killer ends with more tragic victims

Gonzalo Lopez

A statewide manhunt for convicted killer Gonzalo Lopez ended Thursday night with Lopez being shot and killed by law enforcement in Jourdanton, Texas, just south of San Antonio.

Lopez is also the prime suspect in the murder of five family members from the Houston area – an elderly person and four minors – in the hours prior to his death. Their bodies were discovered in a home in Leon County, according to the Leon County Sheriff’s Office. He was driving the family’s stolen vehicle when he was located by Atascosa County law enforcement.

“Law enforcement in Atascosa County located the stolen vehicle, disabled it with spike strips, and gunfire ensued. At approximately 22:30, the TDCJ received information that Lopez had been shot by law enforcement in Jourdanton, Texas, South of San Antonio. Lopez has been confirmed deceased, and no law enforcement officers were reported to be harmed during the exchange,” according to a statement from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

Lopez, who was serving two life sentenced for convictions of capital murder, attempted capital murder and aggravated kidnapping, became the subject of a statewide manhunt after he escaped a prison transport bus near Centerville, Texas, on May 12, 2022.

His escape, which also involved the brutal assault of a correctional officer and Lopez attempting to drive the transport bus before it was disabled by correctional officers shooting the rear tires, prompted one of the largest manhunts by Texas law enforcement personnel and his being named to the Texas Department of Public Safety’s 10 Most Wanted Fugitive List.

Lopez, 46, hailed from the Rio Grande Valley and was known for his affiliation with the Mexican Mafia, authorities say.

He was previously convicted of two counts of Aggravated Assault in 1996 and served an eight-year sentence for those crimes. In 2006, he was convicted of capital murder and aggravated kidnapping in Hidalgo County, and was given a life sentence. He received a second life sentence in 2007 for an attempted capital murder conviction in Webb County.

Information about his recent victims has not been made public at this time by state law enforcement agencies.


  1. If he had been executed, this wouldn’t have happened. Quit worrying about people like this monster and worry about those he will kill if he is allowed to live.

  2. You are right on Joe Crowe! Why should we law abiding taxpayers pay our hard earned money to feed, house, cool, heat, provide medical care and entertainment for these evil scum suckers who have preyed on us their whole life? They cannot and will not be rehabilitated. They do not believe in playing by rules or obeying laws.
    Interesting how the liberals who raise so much heck to keep them from being executed are the same hypocrites who protest and riot in support of aborting and euthanizing innocent children. Like my parents taught us…. anyone who lies will also steal and should NEVER be trusted.

  3. I agree with above posters. When a criminal is given a life sentence or execution order they need to be dead and gone within 24 hours. Me personally take them outside the court room and do it right then. America needs to grow a backbone again.

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