Man arrested for raping 83-year-old neighbor in Cleveland

John Warden

Cleveland Police Department has arrested a 64-year-old man for the rape of an 83-year-old woman. On Wednesday, June 1, 2022, at 10:13 p.m., Cleveland Police Department was called to investigate an Aggravated Sexual Assault that occurred on Harding Avenue.

Upon arrival, Cleveland Police Department Officers met with an 83-year-old female victim who advised officers a neighbor had sexually assaulted her.

“Officers learned a 64-year-old male neighbor had arrived at the residence earlier this same date.  The neighbor wanted to borrow sugar for his mother, whom he lived with.  The victim shut the door and went to retrieve the sugar.  The suspect opened the door and entered the residence.  Upon doing so, the victim advised the suspect to leave.  The suspect disregarded the victim, and a physical altercation occurred in which the victim was sexually assaulted.  When the suspect left the residence, the victim contacted her daughter, who in turn contacted the Cleveland Police Department,” according to a statement from Capt. Scott Felts, a spokesperson for Cleveland Police Department.

Officers processed the residence for evidence, and the victim was transported to an emergency room to obtain a S.A.N.E. Exam (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner). 

Detective Kevin Cooke assisted with the investigation by gathering further evidence and interviewing all parties involved.

On Friday, June 3, Detective Kevin Cooke obtained a warrant of arrest for John Warden, age 64, of Cleveland. 

On Saturday, June 4, Cleveland Police Officers located John Warden. He was taken into custody for Aggravated Sexual Assault, a first-degree felony.  Warden was transported to the Liberty County Jail and a $200,000 bond was set.

“These types of crimes are horrific. This suspect preyed upon one of our most vulnerable citizens. Our hearts go out to the victim and her family.  However, between the responding officers and Detective Cooke, they sewed up a solid case against this criminal, which I pray puts him away for the rest of his life!” said Felts.


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