Entergy Texas: Large load moving through Cleveland and New Caney Monday night may cause brief outages

Entergy Texas says that its planned outage Monday evening for approximately 2,000 customers in the Cleveland and New Caney area will be brief should it happen at all.

According to Brian Garcia, customer service manager for Entergy Texas, a crane company is moving a massive load from the Houston area through New Caney, Cleveland, Conroe and Navasota before venturing on to other parts of the state. While this load is being moved, there may be times when an electrical line has to be temporarily disconnected and then reconnected.

“We have to move our wires out of the way for this load to get by. We have been notified that the load is starting to move tonight. They will be starting near New Caney around 7 p.m.,” Garcia said.

The vast majority of Entergy Texas’s customers will not be impacted by the temporary outage.

“My list of the potentially affected is about 200 homes and most of them may not see an outage unless we have to temporarily disconnect and reconnect a line, which may take only 15 minutes or so,” he said.

With the oppressive heat currently hitting Southeast Texas, some of those customers were alarmed to receive a notification warning of the outage from Entergy Texas, so they contacted Bluebonnet News for help.

“We may have miscommunicated to our customers what is going to happen. We also want them to know that we are not creating the outage but are simply working to help this load get moved through the area,” Garcia said.

Impacted customers should receive a direct dialer phone call from Entergy Texas today advising them of the possible outage.

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