Wrong-way driver causes crash that kills 4 in Liberty

Four people were killed just after midnight Saturday, July 16, in a two-vehicle, head-on accident on the 200 block of US 90 in Liberty, just west of the old Terrell’s auto salvage business.

According to Lt. Chip Fairchild, a spokesperson for Liberty Police Department, a male identified as Martinez Tomas Martinez, 47, was driving a Ford F-150 pickup truck westbound in the eastbound lane of traffic and caused the accident that killed him, his female passenger and two other people in another vehicle.

Fairchild said witnesses in two other vehicles told police that they saw the wrong-way driver headed in their direction and took evasive action to avoid a collision; however, a Jeep Cherokee driven by Danielle Morgan, 30, of Liberty, was unable to avoid the truck and hit it head-on.

“She never saw it coming,” Fairchild said.

The young woman and her 27-year-old boyfriend, Hunter Poole, of Georgia, died at the scene, as well as Martinez. They were pronounced dead by Pct. 4 Justice of the Peace Larry Wilburn.

A female passenger in Martinez’s truck, a 54-year-old woman from Guatemala, was airlifted to a Houston-area trauma center where she later died.

Fairchild said authorities had difficulty identifying her.

Alcohol is believed to have been a factor, Fairchild said.


  1. The 27 year old guy in the jeep was my little baby brother that is 2years younger than me I love you brother fly high I love you

  2. Alcohol has caused many wrecks on our highways, yet no one does anything about it. You would think they would raise the price of alcohol and put the money in a fund to pay for the funerals of the victims and not put the burden on the family.

    • You blame the Alcohol like people blame Guns, itโ€™s not Alcohol and Guns Itโ€™s the Person using it !!!

  3. I’m so sorry for your loss. Praying that God will hold you extra close and help you’ll though this difficult time.

  4. My sweet cousin Hunter someone I never got to meet face to face just over fb I love you buddy we become close just over fb fly high baby boy love you will miss you more ๐Ÿ˜˜

  5. So sorry for all losses but why do people even let others drive intoxicated enough is enough
    RIP all involved but so sad so many were lost in this tragedy ๐Ÿ’” 1

  6. William Heath how dare you get on here claiming him as your son. Did you forget you gave your rights up to him when he was a small child just because you didnt want to pay child support for him. Did you forget that because if so I have the documents from court that day exactly what you said to the judge. Not to mention you blocked him a few months ago so he couldnt contact you anymore. So dont get on here saying your son because you were never a daddy to my son if anyone was it was RAYMOND LIFSEY so miss me with your pathetic BS!!!!! my son is gone and I am left to figure out how im supposed to go on without him and I dont see that happening. he and I had a bond like no other so dont you get on here playing the grieving father you sick human being

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