Woman killed in two-car accident on SH 146 N

A 28-year-old woman was killed around 4:22 p.m. Wednesday north of Rye about one mile south of the Polk-Liberty County line.

According to Sgt. Rob Willoughby, supervisor for the Liberty County office for the Texas Department of Public Safety, the woman was traveling in a 2018 Kia and was pulling out of a private drive just prior to the accident.

“For an unknown reason, she crossed into the southbound lane of travel, striking a 2018 Dodge Durango. The driver of the Durango tried to take evasive action to avoid the accident but could not and struck the Kia in the driver’s side door,” Willoughby said.

The driver of the Kia was killed in the crash. The driver of the Durango, a woman from the Cleveland area, was not seriously injured and refused treatment at the scene, he said. She was traveling with a 4-year-old boy and a 9-year-old girl. Both of the children were uninjured.

The name of the deceased is being withheld at this time. Pct. 5 Justice of the Peace Wade Brown conducted an inquest but did not order an autopsy.

The accident is being investigated by DPS Corp. Nathaniel Godfrey. He was assisted at the scene by Willoughby and Trooper Haley Smith.

More information will be posted as new information warrants.


  1. Really saddened me to hear this news. Frank knowing you and your wife families from a young age. Our Lord God works miracles, let Him work for you and your children now during your pain and suffering.

  2. My heart goes out to you Frank & the kids. Talissa is a great person & mother & she will be missed so much.

  3. My condolences to you and your family. God bless you all. My heart goes out to you and your kids. May she rest in paradise.

  4. Ain’t No way my Sister drove from a Private Area and into traffic. Someone else hit her from the back of her Car and that’s probably how she got killed. I saw her car and it was Really damaged from the back. The side of her car wasn’t damaged like the back. Wheres the cameras on the road Where she was driving on ? We all got Answers.

  5. Hi I’m Talissas Mama..I need answers to my daughter’s car accident!She is my youngest,my heartbeat. I miss her so much!her kids needed her n husband ! Folks drive to fast, why didn’t the report say ,my daughter was hit from the back of the car?? It’s not fair, where’s the proof?& Also the airbag malfunctioned it deployed, but,broke her neck& nose…where’s the justice? A grieving mother,miss Heather

  6. I feel like some one was driving to fast and hit her from the back in to ongoing traffic there still needs to be more then unknown! We are all still grieving and we need answers not just unkown!?

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