LPD: Shooting investigation underway, no persons injured

Liberty Police Officer Justin McGraw searches for evidence related to an alleged shooting incident at the Happy Chap's store on US 90 at FM 563 on Thursday, Aug. 4.

A convenience store customer reportedly angry at being denied the purchase of cigarettes is being questioned by Liberty Police Department investigators.

According to LPD Chief Gary Martin, the man went into the Happy Chap’s store at the corner of US 90 and FM 563 Thursday morning and attempted to buy cigarettes.

“He didn’t have his ID with him so the clerk wouldn’t sell him the cigarettes. The clerk made the guy leave the store and he went into the parking lot and fired two shots into the ground, and then fled,” Martin said.

No injuries were reported in the shooting.

A short time later, Liberty police arrested a suspect in the shooting and took him into custody for questioning. Police also recovered the handgun they believe the suspect may have used.

One of the parking stalls outside the store was covered with shattered automobile glass. When asked if the bullet may have struck a vehicle, Martin said the incident is still being investigated and could provide no further details.

An update will be posted if new information becomes available.

Less than a year ago, on Sept. 6, 2021, a store clerk at the same store was gunned down and killed. See related article below:


  1. That place has turned into a one stop shop for drugs and prostitution at night. So, a unsolved murder, now this is no surprise.

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