Five people arrested on drug charges in Dayton

A home on CR 602 in Dayton was the scene of a drug bust on Thursday, Sept. 8, authorities say.

The Liberty County Pct. 4 Constable’s Office, along with other law enforcement agencies, executed a search warrant on a home on CR 602 around 6:15 a.m. Thursday, Sept. 8, resulting in five arrests and the seizure of weapons and drugs, according to Pct. 4 Constable Robby Thornton.

The search warrant execution and the arrests were the culmination of a nearly four-month-long investigation by undercover officers working with the constable’s office, Thornton said.

“We had a young man selling drugs out of his house. We had already made a couple of buys. Every time he sold us weed, he had guns on him,” he added, explaining why the search warrant execution required the assistance of multiple agencies, including the Pct. 6 Constable’s Office, Harris County office for the Drug Enforcement Administration, Dayton Police Department, Texas game wardens and the Texas DPS office out of Beaumont.

The day started early for Pct. 4 Constable Robby Thornton (right) and law enforcement officers assisting in the execution of a search warrant on a home on CR 602 in Dayton Thursday.

When officers arrived on the scene Thursday morning, the male suspect bolted out the back door of the two-story home and attempted to run from authorities. Thornton said the man was dropping weapons and drugs as he ran. Once he was apprehended, authorities turned their attention on the home where they reportedly found other illegal narcotics, guns and illegal vaping cartridges containing marijuana.

“No one in the home claimed the narcotics so we arrested the man and all four women in the home,” Thornton said.

When asked about the amounts of illegal substances seized, Thornton said it was a substantial amount but could not provide further details at this time. Investigators are still analyzing and preserving the evidence for a felony criminal case against the suspects.

At the time of the early-morning raid, there were several children in the home. Children’s Protective Services was called and took custody of the children until other arrangements are made.

Thornton plans to release an update to this article on Friday, at which time he will identify all five suspects as well as the charges against each. For now, they are being held in the Liberty County Jail.


  1. It’s open Meth season in Liberty County.. A person can use and sell all the Meth He/She wants to sell in Liberty county.

  2. Someone is singing like a bird that’s trying to get their “get out of jail free card”! At least a bunch are getting busted in the meantime! The one in jail is desperate to get out of serving time for all of their criminal offenses! They just want to get out to continue their criminal activities, until next time!

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    • Re: Vee! Maybe the MPP can legalize what went on in this situation. The scumbags were not only caught with cannabis, but other illegal products that not only endangered their own children, but other children. READ THE ARTICLE THOROUGHLY! Where there are drugs, there are other criminal activities going on.

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