Houston Astros’ Orbit visits Dayton’s Richter Elementary students

Orbit walks through the students at Richter Elementary as he picks those to join him on stage for games.

The Houston Astros baseball team’s popular mascot, Orbit, and his friend, Oscar, made a guest appearance at Richter Elementary in Dayton on Thursday, Sept. 8, to the delight of the students and staff.

The pair emphasized the importance of literacy and how reading just a few minutes a day makes a student smarter, helps them learn new things and prepares them for the future. Oscar read the students a book titled “Orbit’s First Day of School.”

A few lucky students were given an opportunity to compete for authentic Houston Astros T-shirts. Even the losers scored by receiving autographed baseball cards featuring Orbit.

Oscar promised students that the duo will return to the school in the future and talk about one of the other focuses of their “Educate! Entertain! Empower!” campaign. In addition to literacy, the campaign broaches topics such as bullying, the science of baseball (STEM), character counts and making smart choices.

A student at Richter Elementary reacts to being called upon by Orbit in a “mind-reading” part of the skit.
Richter Elementary students participate in a game of Dizzy Mummy as Oscar and Orbit with the Houston Astros cheer them on.
Oscar and Orbit show Richter Elementary students the poster they are donating to the school.

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