New mural coming to Dayton

The City of Dayton at Monday night’s regular meeting approved a request from the Dayton Enhancement Committee to paint a new mural on a water tank across from the splash pad at Parker Park on N. Winfree St.

The $3,000 mural is being funded through a grant from the Dayton Economic Development Corporation (DCDC).

Crosby artist Michael Criswell, who previously painted the wall of blooming flowers on the Dayton Family Medical Clinic on 205 N. Main St., has been selected for the new mural. His mural sketch, which was approved by the DEC, features children playing in a park with the scene of a city in the backdrop.

While his initial design features a city scape, the actual mural will incorporate the American Rice Growers dryer in Dayton and Old School Museum, and the children will drawn to represent the diversity of the city, according to Alan Conner, a spokesperson for DEC.

“He needs the city lift to paint it and can accomplish this within 3-4 days,” Conner said.

The DEC is hoping to have the mural completed by Sept. 29.


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