Cornyn: Biden Administration also transporting immigrants to U.S. cities

John Cornyn

Today on the floor, U.S. Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) discussed the Democrats’ newfound outrage at the transportation of migrants to liberal enclaves like Washington D.C., New York City, and Chicago despite the Biden Administration’s history of transporting migrants to U.S. cities far from the southern border. Excerpts of Sen. Cornyn’s remarks are below, and video can be found here.

“Communities in my state of Texas have struggled to carry the weight of President Biden’s border crisis, and nobody seemed to care. But the moment the burden reached the liberal enclaves of Manhattan and Martha’s Vineyard, the outrage machine fired up.

“You can imagine two million migrants showing up on your border, what the strain on local health systems is like, what the strain on emergency response services.

“The burden of this crisis should not fall on our border communities.

“The leaders of these cities have made it clear that they would welcome migrants with open arms. They self-designate as a sanctuary city.

“But when they show up on a bus in Washington, D.C., or Chicago, or New York, they howl like a dog that’s been hit with a rock.

“In fact, the Biden Administration has been doing it all along.

“The Biden Administration has a history of transporting migrants to cities far from the U.S.-Mexico border.

“The mayors of Washington, D.C. and New York City, and Chicago for that matter, have shown that the weight of this crisis is extraordinarily heavy, and they are only experiencing a tiny fraction of what Texas communities have faced every day.”


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