Popular Moss Hill restaurant closing

Frances McVay, now 80, has served up home-style food in the Moss Hill community for the last 21 years.

Redd’s Grill, located at the southwest corner of the SH 105-SH 146 intersection in Moss Hill, has closed. The last day was Thursday, Sept. 22.

The restaurant’s beloved owner, Frances McVay, 80, says that her failing health and structural problems with the building made it impossible to remain open any longer. For the last 21 years, McVay has worked the grill at her restaurant, cooking up homemade burgers, hand-dipped onion rings, chicken strips and catfish, and daily specials.

Even though Redd’s Grill can be lovingly described as a hole-in-the-wall or greasy spoon restaurant, the high quality of the food has attracted notable people including famous athletes and musicians.

“We had one of the band members for The Who eat at the restaurant. We’ve also enjoyed visits from former Houston Rocket Elvin Hayes,” said McVay. “Our burgers were never fast but they were good.”

McVay started the restaurant in May 2003 after working for a number of cafes and restaurants throughout Liberty County. When patrons entered the cafe, McVay, with her bright red hair, could be found standing at the grill, calling out to her customers, many by name.

She has watched a generation of children go from dining with their parents to returning with their own children. To McVay, her customers are like extended family, which makes it particularly painful for her as she is forced into retirement.

“The building needs a new septic system. I can’t afford to put no more money in there. My health is failing. I have pushed it for as long as I can,” she said.

With her decision to retire now made, McVay wants to express her gratitude to the customers who have faithfully supported her for years.

“I am going to miss seeing everyone. Maybe I will go be a greeter at Walmart so I can continue seeing everyone,” she said with a chuckle. “I know there will be a lot of people disappointed by this news. I’ve been sad about it myself. I really appreciate all my customers and the support they have given me for the last 21 years.”


    • You must be living a miserable life and just want to pull people down to make a comment this distasteful.
      Just remember the only “Bitch” here is you.
      The bad “Karma” that will come to you
      will keep you in misery for the rest of your life.
      Good luck with your miserable life, your gonna need it.

  1. This was my moms cafe and her health was declining and building having costly issues she had to close down. She probably hasn’t worked in 6 mos to a year …. So don’t be so ugly …. God is watching you !!!

  2. I have know francis just about all of my life she is a sweet lady who always welcomed everyone with a smile the food was delicious, so u little trolls on here being disgusting can keep scrolling y’all are prob part of another restaurant that didn’t get much business because everyone loved redds so stop being an ass…

  3. I don’t know why everyone is upset the comment was truthful. If you don’t like it you will get over it and I agree they are rude in there

  4. When you can’t flush the toilet and the sinks won’t drain that’s a health code violation so the health dept made the decision rhonda

  5. Fitzpatrick got tore down and we got a nice new fuel max and know tear down redds and put in a new restaurant

  6. :Probably the best burgers around. Chicken fried steak really good. Waitresses very nice and hard working. I can understand if she was not nice to everyone. Some people, you can’t deal with.

  7. Man!, Were gonna miss that place. Some people apparently didnt like it but my family loved going there. Dutch

  8. No need for all the rude comments on here you people are haters and it shows clearly how ignorant y’all can be you be ashamed of yourselfs!!!

  9. Ate there a lot And called in ” To Go ” catfish dinners often . Never had bad food or Any rudeness there . Gonna miss Redds !!

  10. So you guys realize it’s the same guy making new accounts to make his rude comments over and over. It’s the same poster.

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