Lagoon community coming to Dayton area

Dayton City Council met at a special-called meeting Tuesday night to approve a waiver for the River Ranch subdivision, located on SH 146 south of Dayton. This waiver allows a change in lot sizes to accommodate plans to incorporate a lagoon community in a portion of the 2,500-acre River Ranch project.

The waiver allows for some 45-foot lots in the development. However, this particular development has some lots as large as 90 feet wide or estate-type lots. This concept has a total of 6,725 lots in various sizes.

The lagoon community is being developed by Land Tejas, which has created several of these lagoon communities in the Houston area, including Lago Mar in Texas City, Balmoral near Atascocita/Lake Houston, and Canyon Gate in the Tomball area.

“The proposed lagoon for this project will be just over four acres in size and will allow a day pass purchase for those who want to enjoy the lagoon without owning a home in the development,” said Dayton City Manager Steve Floyd. “These lagoon communities have stimulated economic development in all the areas they have been constructed. We have been working with the developers for several months and are excited to have them join in the growth going on in Dayton.”

Floyd added that if all goes as planned, Land Tejas will have the lagoon part of the development in operation some time in 2024 and retail growth may follow.

“What has typically followed the completion of the lagoon is restaurant/retail type development.  I know there are those in the community that aren’t excited about the growth and all that goes along with it. However, I realized while working in Mont Belvieu that growth is coming this way and it can’t be stopped,” Floyd said. “I also realized that a city council can be proactive in working with developers and as I like to say ‘determine what we look like when we grow up.'”

A small portion of this development along SH 146 is located within the city limits, so the City can realize some additional property taxes off any new growth. However, a MUD was created for this entire development and the City of Dayton will not realize any property tax values from the homes built there nor will the City have the ability to sell services such as water and sewer.

Floyd said his team at the City, with the support of City Council, are working to incentivize new developments to voluntarily annex into our city limits so we can sell services and realize property tax funds as these developments grow. 


    • Joe they’re selling land here on 787 between Romayor and Rye that I’ve seen it knee deep or more in water. All was timber land that when wet some is like quicksand. You know what will happen to the septic system too.

  1. We’ve dealt with extreme flooding in this area in 2015,2017 & 2019. I’m sure this will ensure everyone on the west side of 146 is washed out for good when the next storm comes.

  2. So they called a special meeting so they could approve this plan, or did they call the meeting to get their pockets full???

  3. Jim did you notice no property taxes for the city and no sewer and water service sales. I don’t live in Dayton, but the same thing is headed my way.

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