LCSO participates in Not So Spooky Halloween event

With the month of October normally associated with being the month of witches, zombies and creepy clowns for Halloween, a somewhat more subdued, positive and fun-filled day was enjoyed by many special children on Saturday, Oct. 8, at the War Memorial Stadium in Liberty.

Several of the Liberty County Sheriff’s personnel, namely Jail Administrator Ann Marie Mitchell, Deputy Darien Francis and Brian Jackson, joined in the festivities along with other similar agencies. This three-hour-long “Not So Spooky Halloween” event was attended by an estimated 250 children and parents. They were given a much more light-hearted and joyous reflection of Halloween than the more scary world of ghost and goblins.

There was no shortage of candy and treats for the youngsters who delighted in the relaxed and fun-filled atmosphere of the event. In addition, the children and parents were able to see and visit at least fifty other agencies and organizations that participated in this very special celebration.

“The LCSO was glad to participate in this special event that gave these children a chance to view not only Halloween in a more positive light but the Sheriff’s Office as well,” said LCSO Administrator Mitchell.


  1. Go figure, never heard a single thing about this. Liberty County never ceases to amaze me with their lack of any notification of anything going on ever. My son sure would’ve loved this.

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