Liberty fire chief: Popeye’s restaurant fire extinguished, grease fire likely cause

Popeye's Restaurant was burned to the ground overnight.

All that remains of a Liberty fast food restaurant is rubble after an overnight fire that appears to have originated in the kitchen, according to Liberty Fire Chief Brian Hurst.

“We are going to talk to the employees who were there at the time the fire started. We will have to get more witness statements and do more of an investigation before we know what caused the fire, but it seems it started as a grease fire,” said Hurst.

The back wall of the building collapsed during the fire. The remaining three walls were “pulled out” by the fire department in order to allow firefighters to access the fire and put it out.

Popeye’s Restaurant was burned to the ground overnight.

The fire started Friday evening and firefighters battled the blaze until the early morning hours of Saturday.

“We ended up with 51 firefighters on scene. That’s a lot more than we are used to dealing with,” Hurst said. “We had a lot of help from neighboring fire departments. To them, I say, ‘Thank you, thank you, thank you.'”

No injuries of restaurant employees and customers, or firefighters were reported. Hurst said he is uncertain how many employees were on the clock at the time of the fire, but everyone made it safely outside.

“We had absolutely no injuries from employees or firefighters. We had God on our side,” he said.

With two structure fires this week – the other being a fire at Boot Barn on Thursday, people have already began asking if the two fires were related. Hurst said they are “absolutely unrelated.”

“One of the fires was from an electrical system short and the other appears to be a grease fire,” he said.

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  1. Cooking oil and fire mixed with water is not a mixture … Glad everyone made it out … It probably happened by filtering the fryer with fryer still on it will literally cause inside of fryer to fill with flames only thing is why didn’t the fire system over the stoves go off and put the fire out or did it malfunction and not go off..??

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