City leaders highlight growth, new businesses coming to Dayton area

The Dayton Rotary Club welcomed City of Dayton leaders recently. Pictured left to right are Dayton Rotary Club President Rachel Ansley, Mayor Caroline Wadzeck, Interim City Manager Calyn Wesson and Director of Planning and Development Services Kimberly Judge.

Dayton city leaders shared exciting news to the Dayton Rotary Club recently about business and road projects coming to the community in the coming months.

City leaders discussed multiple new businesses that are set to come to Dayton, which is expected to help boost the local economy, and road and street repairs and improvements that should improve travel and safety for motorists.

Rotary President Rachel Ansley introduced Mayor Caroline Wadzeck who started off the presentation before introducing Director of Planning and Development Services Kimberly Judge, and Interim City Manager Calyn Wesson. All three shared the presentation of information. They were optimistic, transparent and excited about the future of the City of Dayton.

New businesses expected to open in Dayton are:

  • Health Center of Southeast Texas
  • Perrett Auto
  • Popeye’s Chicken
  • Starbucks
  • RailLogix

Additionally, a new shopping center and storage building sales center will be added to the Dayton business community.

The Texas Department of Transportation has several projects taking place within and close to the City of Dayton. An asphalt overlay project on US 90 has begun, with the project area being between the intersection of SH 146 at US 90 on the west end stretching just past Colbert Street and US 90 on the east end. Most of the work is taking place at night.

Curbs along both sides of US 90 have been removed and will be replaced the week of Jan. 12-16. Beginning Jan. 15, there will be a traffic switch while workers remove the top layer of current asphalt, make needed repairs and lay down the new surface. TxDOT Area Engineer Roberto Rodriguez hopes this project will be completed by mid-May.

The projected overpass on US 90 over the candy candy railroad track is progressing with utility exploratory work and environmental studies, which should be completed by mid-2023. Construction should begin in May 2024 and take approximately two years to complete. This project will significantly help to move traffic through Dayton.

The overpass work at US 90 and FM 1413 has run into a conflict with utility lines, and engineers are currently working on the redesign of the bridge. The best estimate of time to complete this project is sometime in 2025.

The City of Dayton has acquired the rights to extend Lover’s Lane all the way to SH 146 and is now looking for grants for funding construction of the road extension. As for Waco Street, the City wants to extend this road also to ease traffic and will be working toward this in the future.

Growth is evident through the number of permits and plats issued during 2022, and here is a comparison of those issued a decade ago in 2013 and in 2022.

  • In 2013, there were 388 building permits issued; in 2022, there were 1,031.
  • In 2013, only two plats were issued; in 2023, there were 23 issued.
  • In 2013, there were only eight new residential permits issued, compared to 74 in 2022.
  • As for new commercial permits, there were three in 2013; in 2022, there were 16 issued.

Despite some major challenges, the City of Dayton presented a balanced budget to City Council.

Dayton Police Department also has filled every position within the department for the first time in a while. Police Chief Derek Woods is excited with changes within his department, including pay, quality of officers, and equality. For the first time in Dayton PD’s history, there are five female officers.

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