Dayton HS audio-visual class fosters student creativity while highlighting sports, events

Dayton High School students take part in filming and editing schools events, including games and relays. They plan to showcase more programs such as theater, FCCLA and Ag in the coming year.

One of the most important learning avenues for a high school student is to provide them with opportunities to grow, whether that be in the classroom or in real-world settings. The Dayton High School Audio-Visual Class does this quite well.

Chris Rayburn, in his first year at the high school, but several years in the district, has seamlessly moved into this role. The AV class is creating something new every week to enhance the school climate and digital footprint of Dayton High School and Dayton ISD. 

For starters, Rayburn and his class made a commitment to provide video and quality highlights for all varsity football games at Bronco Stadium. With that, they started filming the junior high and sub-varsity games to allow for more practice for the camera operators and producers who sit in the booth.

Dayton High School’s audio/visual class is pictured using a green screen background to film a segment.

Game nights, whether it is sub-varsity on a Tuesday or Thursday night, or varsity – Friday Night Lights, is a student-led endeavor. This was the vision of Athletic Director Jeff Nations when he went out to local and regional sponsors to gather the funds needed to install the video scoreboard five years ago.

“The plan was always to have a class that would allow our students opportunities to learn skills that they could take with them when they leave Dayton High School. We have had several Dayton students graduate because of their experience operating cameras or operating the video production board, they have had opportunities to attain jobs at their colleges which helps with their finances. And, ultimately, lead to a career if they choose that path,” Nations said.

Rayburn has set his sights not only on football games but has live-streamed basketball and soccer games, and will work to add live-streaming to more of Dayton ISD athletics. Local businesses will soon have the opportunity to advertise on those live broadcasts with their logo. With this team coming together and learning the skills they have, Dayton High School will be able to leave their current live-stream partner and provide live-streaming for free to fans who cannot attend games. This exciting opportunity is only because of the dedication of the students in the class and their leader. Students are excited about this class and the skills they are learning.

Senior Alondra Villorodo said about the class, “I had a great time working at the live sporting events like football and basketball. The action is non-stop and you want to provide the best video experience you can for the audience. I gained a lot of knowledge and experience from this year and I would encourage others to join the program.”

Freshman Lauren Pate said, “Working at the football games was fun! I am one of the camera operators, and I help with the setup/teardown crew. Some of my favorite things are when MY camera clip/angle is the perfect shot that gets broadcasted and used for replays on the video scoreboard. I am looking forward to next year when I will have more responsibilities and be more involved.”

The future is very bright for this program as they are looking for ways to compete at different regional and state competitions showing their skills. The Bronco Digital Daily News is the newest endeavor that the class is taking on, and you can watch these if you like at: The students produce these news shows in the high school studio that they have built, and it is quite impressive. Below is a list of events that the AV class is or will be involved with:



  • Pre-Game Reel – Athlete, Cheer, Dance, and Band videos
  • Live – Jumbotron live broadcast w/ multi-camera angles and replays. Created graphics and animations for replays, first down, and touchdowns.

Volleyball, Basketball and Soccer

  • Live stream to YouTube Channel

  • Live Scoreboard Video of games (Soccer)

Promotional Videos

  • Volleyball, Girl’s Basketball, Girl’s Soccer, and Theater


Launched the DHS Digital Daily News – Student created, recorded, and produced.

Video Highlights of other programs

  • Culinary, Floriculture, Construction

National Signing Day Live Broadcast

  • Upcoming

Bronco Relays

  • Live video on Jumbotron, replays of race finishes

Next Year

  • Football home game live streams
  • (Potentially) football away game live streams
  • Volleyball / Basketball video scoreboard

Class Goals

Teach/train students in the field of Audio/Video

Get students involved

  • Grow our school, sports, and academics by supporting, promoting, and advertising the great things happening at DHS.

Prepare students for college/career


  • Collect and distribute information to students, parents, and staff in a timely, organized method.

Showcase great programs

  • Sports, Theater, FCCLA, Ag


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