Batson boy pens first children’s book

Lincoln Motes, of Batson, is the author of "The Little Black Mouse."

Many people dream of penning a book at some point in their lives, but 8-year-old Lincoln Motes has already accomplished this goal and is making plans for his next one.

The second-grader from West Hardin Elementary in Batson now is promoting sales for his book “The Little Black Mouse,” a tale about the unlikely friendship between a mouse named Gregory and an ant named Bob.

Shunned from his own colony due to being blue instead of red, Bob is living alone in New York City when he encounters Gregory sleeping on a city street.

“Gregory is sad because he doesn’t have any friends. Bob accidentally bites him and they become friends,” said Motes. “On the back of the book, I wrote, ‘It’s okay to be alone, but if you are feeling sad about it, there is always a friend to be found.'”

Motes said he was inspired to write a book by his grandmother, Sallie Motes, who is also a published children’s book author. Both Lincoln and Sallie sell their books, self-published through Little Yellow Wagon Publishings, on

Lincoln’s first book was illustrated by his grandma Sallie, though he is planning to create his own illustrations for his next children’s book, this one about his cat named Gerald.

According to Motes, “The Little Black Mouse” is being added to his school’s library and will be part of the advanced reading books.

“My friends tell me they are going to read it,” he said.

The book is dedicated to his mother, Caryn, his father, Trey, and grandmother, Sallie Motes. To purchase the book on Amazon, click here.

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