Montgomery County teen sentenced to 40 years for sexually abusing multiple children

Devin Bullock, 18, of Conroe, pleaded guilty to two first-degree felony charges of sexually assaulting children between the ages of 3 and 12.

Under a plea agreement, Judge Bello, sitting for Judge Hamilton in the 359th, sentenced Bullock to 40 years in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. Bullock must serve 20 years before he becomes eligible for a parole review, and the sentence includes the imposition of a lifetime protective order for each victim.

On February 2, 2022, a concerned citizen discovered a sexually explicit video of Bullock and a toddler on Bullock’s cell phone and called the police. Conroe Police Department responded to the scene. Bullock admitted to Detective Joseph Ferraro that he was the man in the video and had also sexually abused a different child on multiple occasions.

Detective Ferraro obtained the video, created just two days prior, and worked to identify the child depicted as well as the second victim. Bullock was arrested at the scene and charged with abusing both children.

After a thorough investigation, including analyzing Bullock’s electronics and internet accounts, Detective Ferraro discovered evidence of Bullock trading numerous images of child pornography online.

Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office Special Victims Unit (SVU) ADA Leah Fiedler, Chief Prosecutor Lisa Stewart, SVU Victim Assistance Coordinator Ilda Rupert, and SVU Investigator A.P. Merillat worked to prepare this case for trial.

The Conroe Police Department, ICAC Detectives, the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office, Forensic Interviewers, and Family Advocates from Children’s Safe Harbor assisted in investigative and victim support necessary to achieve closure and justice for the victims and their families.

Lead Prosecutor Leah Fiedler: “What this defendant did to these children was heartbreaking. We are grateful that we could secure a guilty plea without subjecting them to the trial process. We hope that these children, with the support of their families, will be able to begin to recover from these crimes. The fact that this defendant will be in prison throughout their childhood is a great aid in this effort.”

District Attorney Brett Ligon: “An offender of this age pleading to forty years in prison reflects both the investigative skills of law enforcement and the tireless efforts of our office to keep children safe while they heal from abuse. Absent this strong response, we do not doubt this defendant would have continued victimizing children.”

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