Cleveland ISD names new HS principal

After 20 years with Cleveland ISD, Cleveland High School’s longtime principal Dr. Glenn Barnes is moving on to accept a position with a neighboring school district. He has been picked as an assistant superintendent for Splendora ISD.

With his departure came the opportunity for Cleveland ISD to recognize and promote another dedicated employee, Dr. Kristy Dietrich, who has served as the associate principal under Barnes.

Dietrich has 13 years of education experience with all of those years within Cleveland ISD.

Dr. Glenn Barnes, Cleveland High School principal, greets Chris Trotter (left) at the Thursday, April 25, 2019, meeting of the Cleveland ISD Board of Trustees when Trotter was named the new superintendent for the district.

“Dr. Dietrich has been involved with the daily operations of the high school for several years and will continue with the positive gains already started,” said Superintendent Chris Trotter.

Dietrich is a graduate of Sam Houston State University with a bachelor of arts in History and Political Science. She accepted her first teaching position at Cleveland High School where she taught World History, AP World History, Dual Credit US History and Dual Credit Western Civilization.

Additionally, Dr. Dietrich coached basketball, volleyball, track and Academic UIL. She also sponsored CHS Student Council and the CHS International Club, which has taken students to multiple countries to study abroad.

Dr. Dietrich has also served as the Social Studies Department Chair, ELA/Social Studies Instructional Specialist and the Associate Principal of Curriculum and Instruction. In addition, Dr. Dietrich has a masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction, and recently defended her dissertation titled “Differences in Social Studies Skills of Texas High School Students as a Function of Gender, Economic Status and Ethnicity/Race: A Texas Statewide Study,” earning her doctoral degree in Educational Leadership also from Sam Houston State University.

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