Whataburger in Cleveland celebrates grand reopening

Whataburger celebrated the opening of its new restaurant on April 14 with a ribbon cutting organized by the Greater Cleveland Chamber of Commerce. (Photo by David Martin)

Wednesday, April 14, was a day of celebration in Cleveland as Whataburger and the Greater Cleveland Chamber of Commerce teamed up for a ribbon cutting ceremony. The cause for the celebration is Whataburger’s newer, more modern restaurant located at 806 US 59 in Cleveland.

Whataburger’s former restaurant, which was next door to the new one, was a mainstay business in the Cleveland community for many years. However, with growth in the Cleveland area, having a newer, larger restaurant was crucial to serve the growing needs of the community, said Darwin Davis, a spokesperson for Burgerworks, Texas LLC, which owns the Cleveland restaurant and eight others.

“The Cleveland Whataburger location is one of our top producing stores. It’s hugely popular with truckers along US 59. We brought in some shell along US 59 to accommodate their trucks better,” Davis said. “The new restaurant not only meets the needs of travelers along US 59 but also the growing number of customers in the Cleveland area.”

William Tamminga, owner and president of Burgerworks, Texas LLC, is pictured with Cleveland City Manager Bobby Pennington (right) at the ribbon cutting ceremony for Whataburger in Cleveland on Wednesday, April 14. (Photo by David Martin)

Among the most noticeable amenities are the double drive-thru lanes that allow customers to place their orders and be served more quickly, more parking and a larger dining room.

“The restaurant has all of the modern conveniences. It also has a digital menu board where prices are posted and new items are added,” Davis said.

One of the new menu items is a Cobb salad that replaces the garden salad option.

“Every three months there are limited time offers. Currently, the limited time offers are for a buffalo chicken ranch sandwich and a buffalo chicken ranch salad,” he said.

The managing partner for the Cleveland restaurant is Cindy Williams, who has been with Burgerworks, Texas, LLC for 19 years, according to Davis.

“Cindy did a short stint with Liberty but Cleveland is really her home,” he said.

The Cleveland location employs 100 full-time and part-time positions, and is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Burgerworks, Texas, LLC also owns the Whataburger locations in Liberty, Livingston, Winnie, two in Orange, Bridge City, Groves and Nederland. Employees are needed at several locations. To apply, go online to https://burgerworks.fourth-ats.com/

Whataburger in Cleveland donated $1,000 to the Trinity River Food Bank in Cleveland as part of its grand reopening celebration for the new restaurant in Cleveland. (Photo by David Martin)


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