Eye-catching mural added to downtown Liberty

A new mural on the Tracy Williams State Farm Insurance office in Liberty was created by artist Cherry Meek (left). She is pictured with Williams in front of the mural on Tuesday, Dec. 28.

A new brightly-colored mural painted on the exterior wall of Tracy Williams’ State Farm office at 1710 N. Main St. is nearing completion with artist Cherry Meekins now adding the final touches. Over the last three weeks, passersby have watched as the mural has taken shape, and people have already begun to stop by for photos.

Tying into the State Farm catchphrase of “Like a Good Neighbor, State Farm is there,” State Farm Agent Tracy Williams had Meekins add an encouraging message of “Be a Good Neighbor” to the mural. The design for the mural, which features oversized flowers and woodland creatures, was inspired by murals Williams saw in her visits to other Texas cities.

“When I bought this building, I wanted to make it edgy. I have always loved murals and I love art. I was inspired by murals I have seen in Houston and in Fredricksburg, Texas. The wall is so big that I knew it would be perfect for a mural,” Williams said.

State Farm agent Tracy Williams commissioned a mural on her building at 1710 Main St. in Liberty. Picking up on the State Farm motto of “Like a Good Neighbor, State Farm is there,” Williams added “Be a Good Neighbor” to her mural.

To seek ideas, Williams spent hours looking at photos online. Pinterest was her main source of inspiration.

“I found one that had a lot of sunflowers and daisies coming down a brick wall. I showed it to a couple of muralists but they gave me nothing with the dimension that this mural has,” Williams said.

Meekins “got it” when she described what she envisioned, Williams said.

“I am over the moon about the mural. I had heard about the Bear Plumbing one she did in Dayton, so I knew she would understand what I wanted. The good thing about this mural is that there are so many scenes in it. People can take photos and not have them look the same. I didn’t need to change a color. Cherry is the artist and she knew what to do,” Williams said.

Williams hopes that her mural will inspire other Liberty businesses to get on board and brighten up the city.

“I used to live in Austin and would go to Fredricksburg a lot. When you go, there are so many cool things to do – the wineries, shops, murals. It’s a destination. There is nothing like that on this side of Texas. Even Old Town Spring isn’t that big of a deal anymore,” Williams said. “I think Liberty could become the Fredricksburg of the East but with less traffic.”

The State Farm mural will be around for many years to come, Meekins said. Once all the painting is finished and has had time to cure, the entire mural will receive a coat of shellac to protect it from the elements.

“Nothing is forever but it will be protected for years to come,” she said.

The Liberty mural is the second one in Liberty County for Meekins, but it is not the last. She recently has been commissioned to paint a mural on a building on the 300 block of N. Main St. in Dayton.

“They want a ‘Welcome to Dayton’ greeting on the next mural. It will also have some historical pictures in it and some Texas flowers. It’s bigger than this one so I will have to use a boom. I will be swinging on a vine for that one,” she said with a laugh.

To learn more about Meekins’ artwork, go online to https://www.meekcherryartistry.com/. She also can be found by searching Meek Cherry Artistry on social media.

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