Dayton PD arrests suspects in two armed robberies

Dayton Police Chief Derek Woods is crediting his department’s criminal investigative team and the patrol division for their teamwork and collaboration in the recent arrest of several individuals believed to be responsible for two robberies in Dayton.

On June 20, an armed robbery was reported to have taken place at the old Calhoun’s Country Store located at 6650 SH 321, where three subjects – one male and two females – robbed the store at gunpoint.

Ten days later, on June 30, another armed robbery was reported to have taken place at the Fuel Maxx located on US 90 at FM 1413, where two subjects, both males, robbed the store at gunpoint.

At the time of the June 30 robbery, the Patrol Division responded and followed up on leads that allowed Detective Joe Myers to quickly identify and determine that both of the actors were 16-year-old juvenile males. Both juvenile males have since been charged and processed for aggravated robbery.

During the simultaneous investigation of the June 20 robbery, led by Detective Chris Duos, Duos was able to determine that the male actor in this robbery was indeed the same actor in the June 30 robbery.

Duos was also able to identify the two female actors as Gabriella Gutierrez of Dayton and Julie Oviedo of Crosby. Both females have been arrested on aggravated robbery charges with bonds set at $50,000 each.

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