Moss Hill girl selling lemonade to help buy clothes for kids in need

Sunni Morgan is a 3-year-old from Moss Hill, Texas, and is selling lemonade to help kids in need.

Even though she herself isn’t yet school age, a 3-year-old Moss Hill girl, Sunni Morgan, is helping to raise money to provide clothing for school-age children in her community by selling lemonade from a roadside stand on SH 146 about two miles south of the Moss Hill intersection. Set up outside her grandmother Dana McCreight’s house, Sunni is offering $1 glasses of lemonade to anyone who stops by.

Her mom, Memori West Morgan, said the idea for the lemonade stand came about as the two were talking about a family yard sale.

“We were coming home from the store the other day and she said she wanted to have a lemonade stand,” Memori said. “I said, ‘Sure, what are you going to buy?’ Her brother is saving money for a pony so I thought she had something she wanted to buy.”

Sunni Morgan concentrates as she fills a glass of lemonade on Friday from her roadside stand on SH 146 in Moss Hill.

She surprised her mom and melted her grandmother’s heart when she replied, “No, I want to give it. I want to buy clothes from kids who don’t have any school clothes.”

On Friday, with the lemonade stand built by her father, Sunni, who lives up to her name with her sweet personality, sold lemonade to customers who stopped by the yard sale. With some help from older cousins, she filled each cup with ice and topped it with homemade lemonade she helped make with her mother.

The family has already identified a couple of families in the community who need help this year with school clothing, Memori said.

“She will take her money, and we will add to it, and then take her shopping for the kids. We always help buy school clothes for others as a family, but for her to take this on, we knew we had to make it happen,” Memori said. “My mom is a volunteer for CASA and there are always kids who need help, so if we have enough, we will give to CASA kids, too.”

Family members say they are not surprised by Sunni’s desire to help others.

“I make the kids little packets each year to hand out to homeless people. Whenever she goes to Sunday School, she always packs a big snack bag to share with other kids in her class, and she packs things to share with her cousins. She is like a little mother hen,” Memori said.

If anyone wants to help with Sunni’s cause, her mom has set up a Venmo account where donations may be made online. The Venmo ID is @SunniJae.


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