Christian prayer march draws dozens to downtown Liberty on Saturday

Representing a community of believers in Liberty County, local pastors and Christians came together on Saturday, Oct. 1, for the third annual Liberty County Prayer March.

Christians from all across Liberty County gathered outside Liberty City Hall on Saturday, Oct. 1, for the third annual Liberty County Prayer March. The local prayer march is a continuation of an event that was started in 2020 after Rev. Franklin Graham issued a call to prayer for the nation.

The Liberty County Prayer March began at the city hall pavilion and marchers then walked to four other locations – Liberty County Courthouse, Liberty City Hall, First United Methodist Church of Liberty, an area across from First Baptist Church of Liberty and Immaculate Conception Catholic Church before returning to the pavilion for a closing prayer.

In his prayer outside the Liberty County Courthouse, County Judge Jay Knight beseeched God for his wisdom for elected officials and leaders from Washington, D.C., Austin, Texas, Liberty County and around the world.

Jane Delaney (center), the driving force of the Liberty County Prayer March, was joined by her children, 253rd State District Judge Chap Cain and attorney Julie Cain Halstead, and their families, at this year’s prayer march on Saturday, Oct. 1.

“Locally, Lord, we pray for our judicial officials. They have a tough job, Lord, and they do a wonderful job. We pray for our city councils, commissioners court, judicial administrator courts, elected officials and everyone involved in local government, national government and state government,” said Knight. “Lord, let me extend this to world leaders. We pray for them. Please guide them with Your wisdom and that they will make the right decisions, and that one day, Lord, there will be peace, that one day we will put the right back in righteousness, that one day, we will get the meaning of freedom, and that one day, one day, we will send the Devil on his way.”

Liberty County Judge Jay Knight (right) recited I Timothy 2:2 as he prayed for government leaders, judicial officials, city officials, commissioners, judicial administrators and court officials.

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