Liberty County hunting show picked up for second season

Pickin' Tha Hunt with Jason Allen features local hunting enthusiasts, country music artist Jason Allen and special guests who are treated to a free hunting adventure and campfire concert.

“DNA Outdoors,” a hunting and outdoor adventures television show featuring Liberty County residents and country music artist Jason Allen, and produced by Allen, JD Dudley of Tarkington and Mike Melancon of Beaumont, has been renewed for a second season on the Pursuit Channel. Filming is already underway and the second season will begin airing in September 2023.

Some episodes of season one of DNA Outdoors have involved “Pickin Tha Hunt with Jason Allen,” which is now spinning off as a separate TV show, set to be aired with DNA Outdoors and several other cable TV networks. Team members of the two shows also come from Louisiana, West Virginia and Iowa.

“We were just excited to have the first season. The Pursuit Channel approached us and asked if we wanted to do another season, and we said yes,” said Allen of DNA Outdoors. “The first season was so much fun. Everyone involved is wanting to get back out there and see what we can do for this second season. The first season was trial and error. We were just trying to figure out how to do it. Now we understand what we want to do and what we are going for.”

Dudley, founder of Dirt Nap Affliction (DNA), explained that the show is mostly predator hunting of mostly coyotes and hogs, and assisting farmers and ranchers with ridding them of these nuisance animals.

“We’ve already starting putting together footage for this season. What we hope to focus on this year is not just the hunting aspect of the show but some of the more special things we are doing,” Dudley said. “We pick people to go on hunts with us, people who might otherwise not have this opportunity.”

The inaugural season of the show had heart-tugging moments such as when an 8-year-old aspiring game warden met his hero – retired Texas Game Warden Mike Boone of the TV show “Lone Star Law,” and when a terminally ill teenager was treated to the hog hunt of a lifetime. Organizers of the show have also taken military veterans on hunts. These special guests were then treated to a campfire concert with Jason Allen and a wild game dinner prepared by the Crazy Cajun Chef Freddie Calvarette.

Now that the show has been picked up for a second season, producers are looking for new people to be featured in the series. Nominations are being accepted, and around 5-7 people will be selected for “Pickin’ Tha Hunt.”

Nominations must be submitted in secret by family members and friends of the nominee as show producers plan on surprising the lucky winners. The main criteria is that the nominee must enjoy hunting and be willing to be featured on the television show.

“Tell us about the person and why they deserve to be picked. We are looking for someone with a compelling story. It doesn’t have to be just from Southeast Texas. We have flown people in previously from Florida for one of our shows,” said Dudley.

Nominees can be someone who has gone above and beyond, has inspired others, or is a local hero. In the nomination letter, please describe the nominee and explain thoroughly why they deserve to be picked. A photo of the nominee should also be included.

Nominations may be submitted by emailing The persons making the winning nominations will be asked to help coordinate with show producers, so that the nominees are available for filming.

The Pursuit Channel can be found at Channel 604 on Direct TV or Channel 393 on Dish Network. You can also watch show clips on DNA Outdoors on YouTube.

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